When the Chips are Down, We're All in This Together!

We are giving away hundreds of bags of potatoes! Please contact us for more information.

Charlie, owner of the popular Tiffin Takeaway in Brookside Road, Stratford, has been closed since Monday because of the coronavirus crisis. But that hasn’t stopped him doing his bit for the community.

He’s got a huge wedge of potatoes that he’s now not going to be able to use – and he’s ready to give them away to any deserving causes. He’ll even bag them up into smaller sacks to make them easier to carry.

Charlie’s got 25 sacks, each weighing 25 kgs, which are fresh enough to last at least two weeks, and he reckons they could bag up into as many as 300 carrier bags to spread the spuddy joy.

He told the Herald: “The community in this town has always been good to me over the years. The chip shop is closed for the time being and I just want to leave the bags of potatoes for people to come and collect for free.

“If someone is struggling or there is a deserving cause I will load up a carrier bag for them. They will have to contact me first so we can use social distancing but I don’t know how many people will turn up – we’ll have to see.”

To take advantage of the Charlie’s charity chippie giveaway, contact him to arrange a pick-up time by calling 07896 214833 or visit www.takeawaytiffin.co.uk.

The Tiffin Takeaway in Brookside Road, Stratford-upon-Avon

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